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1 oz Gold American Eagle - Common Date

The American Gold Eagle coin is considered legal tender in the United States with a face value of $50. Considered one of the freest trading gold coins in the world today, it is fully guaranteed by the United States government.
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The Gold American Eagle, an ever popular gold bullion coin series released by the United States Mint. Comprised of one full troy ounce of 22-karat gold, and featuring one of the most iconic numismatic designs minted: the American Gold Eagle is "the" bullion coin to own.
First released in 1986, the Gold and Silver American Eagle bullion coin programs became a popular option for investors and collectors of precious metals and coins. The design chosen to be featured on the Gold American Eagles was the Augustus Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle design first minted in 1907, and is considered to be the most beautiful design minted by our government.
The Obverse
Shown on the front of the 1 oz Gold American Eagle is the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle design, with the only changes made being the added stars, and the change in date. Lady Liberty is depicted in the foreground of the capital and is seen holding a torch upwards, with an olive branch in her left hand as her dress and hair billow majestically around her figure. Originally the date appeared in Roman Numerals, but was switched to the Arabic system shortly after. Similar to history, the first Gold Eagles featured the date in Roman Numerals, and was changed in 1992.
The Reverse
On the back of the coin is a modern design completed by Miley Busiek in 1986 and features a Bald Eagle flying towards a nest with a mother eagle and hatchling, clutching an olive branch. Inscribed below are the denomination, weight and purity of the coin. The Gold American Eagle's are guaranteed by the U.S. government for their purity and weight.
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