1 Oz American Silver Eagle Coins

If your pursuit of incorporating silver into your investment strategy is leading you on the hunt for 1 oz silver American Eagle coins, then start your search with GMRgold. We specialize in bars, rounds, coins and other forms of bullion.

GMRgold is a great resource for those that are interested in silver. Not only do we offer a wide selection of bars, rounds and coins — like our country’s official silver bullion coin, the silver American Eagle coins — but we provide educational resources that help you navigate the silver market and make savvy selections.


GMRgold stresses client service

Whether you are brand new to the idea of investing in, or collecting, various forms of bullion, it still doesn’t hurt to have a team of experts helping you navigate along your way. That’s why GMRgold places an emphasis on providing a great customer experience for everyone who shops with us.

Whether you’re on the hunt for American Eagle coins for sale, or are trying to figure out the best way to purchase gold, we can help. We provide strong customer service in a variety of ways, including:

  • Access to our online store 24 hours of every day. Whenever you have the time to browse our extensive inventory and make a purchase, you can. That’s simply not possible with traditional brick and mortar shops.
  • We also have a help line that is active throughout business hours of each day. If you run into questions about 1 oz silver American Eagle coins, or our other products, you can speak directly with a team member.
  • GMR features a live chat option too, that is available 24/7.
  • If you are in the Houston area, you can meet with a member of our team to discuss your needs in person. We also offer free portfolio appraisals for anyone interested.

Here at GMRgold, we know that purchasing silver products like silver American Eagle coins is an investment. We want to provide you with the peace of mind when you make that investment.

Shop our extensive selection of 1 oz silver American Eagle coins and many other products right now!

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