Morgan Design 10 Oz. Silver Bar – Perennial Value
An Excellent Item to Collect for Your Precious Metals Investment

Investing in silver bars is one of the best ways to beat inflation. Silver has been mined for millennia; In what is now Turkey, they began mining silver in 3000 BC. 

Why? They used silver for jewelry and other ornaments as well as cutlery which had antibacterial properties. The reasons for buying silver bars such as the Morgan Design 10 oz. Silver Bar go far beyond its everyday uses.

Silver always has been and always will be an investment that holds a stable value despite inflation, wars and other world crises. 

Silver proved its worth as a hedge against inflation during the 1970s. Inflation was at an astronomical 13%, and many investments were losing value rapidly.

Yet, silver values increased dramatically. When the inflation crisis was over, the silver had gained so much in value that it provided its owners with substantial profits.

Morgan Design

George T. Williams pattered the image on the front of the Morgan coin as a tribute to the woman he thought most beautiful in the world. This image is engraved on the obverse of the Morgan Design 10 oz. Silver Bar, along with the weight and 999+ purity of the fine silver that composes the bar. It also bears a mention of the U.S. as the country where it was minted.

The diagonal/square pattern on the back is a unique work of bullion art.

Why Buy Silver Bars

Silver bars are primarily used for investment purposes. They can be sold or traded fairly easily if a financial need arises.

People worried about a national or global crisis can buy silver to help them survive financially in any event that comes along. These silver bars are not typically collector’s items, although they are quite attractive.

GMR’s Customer Satisfaction Policy

Silver-buying can be a risky business without the services of an honest company. GMR not only works to give you a safe, stable investment; GMR works with you to meet your unique investment needs.

Buying silver bullion bars from a reputable dealer is the only sure way to ensure a safe, profitable transaction at competitive prices. 

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