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Catalog of Lumber Company Store Tokens

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Token catalogue modeled after Edkins’ that compiles and describes all United States lumber scrip known in 1998 in a state and city format. The catalog includes the tokens, medals, scrip, and paper money used by the forest products industry including logging and sawmills companies, lumber manufacturers, naval store and turpentine companies, cooperage and handle manufacturers, pulp and paper mills and related wood product operations such as wood cutting, sash and door manufacturers, etc. In many instances, retail lumber pieces have been included since it is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether they be wholesale and retail operations or manufacturers. For nearly 200 years lumber has been a major factor in the development of the United States. Entire communities have been created and abandoned due to the viability fo their local lumber mill and many histories have evolved around the supply of wood. The United States would not be where it is today without the continued development of the lumber and wood products industry but the practices of the past are gone and glory days of lumbering, logging railroads and big timber have quickly faded. Since the appearance of the first edition of this work in 1979 this facet of token collectign has greatly expanded and the timber industry has entered a new era. Many sawmills have closed, the company camps and towns which previously remained have been eliminated, sold or razed and lumber production has become more international in scope. In less than a generation most of the items in this catalog have become a symbol of another time. The intent of this work is to provide a guide to the history, geographic location and activity in the use of wood products by state. As such, there are to be found some advertising, commemorative and modern pieces in this listing which may represent the only collectible issued by a company. Early retail pieces, especially encased cents, are included due to lack of more specific information.Binding: Hardcover Edition: 2nd Publication Date: 1998 Size: 6x9 Pages: 578


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