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Dansco Album 7065 Vol 2: Modern Commemorative Dollars, 1995-2001

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This Dansco Supreme Album for Modern Commemorative - Dollars 1995-2001 (Dansco model number 7065 Vol 2) consists of a brown leatherette binder with loose-leaf hinged pages. The inside front and back covers feature a historical summary of the Modern Commemorative Coin program. See provided images for detailed page-by-page contents for this album. Dansco Supreme Albums are the best-selling line of coin albums due to their high-quality, complete line for virtually all US coins and the flexibility to accommodate almost any collection: The heavy duty albums are made in USA and constructed from the finest materials and craftsmanship for a lifetime of use. The simulated leather embossed binder is beautifully gold stamped. The tan colored, loose-leaf hinged pages are plastic coated and washable with blank imprinting below the ports to properly identify coins. Clear acetate slides protect the coins while allowing visibility from both sides. Just slide the slides to toward the outer edge of the page to insert coins. The pages are held in the binder with two posts that screw apart so that pages can be added, removed and replaced with ease. Customize your album as desired with Dansco Blank Pages, Dansco Millimeter Blank Pages, Dansco Vinyl Pages and/or Dansco Replacement Update Pages. Complement your album with an archival quality Dansco Slip Case 3/4-Inch with Silver-Guard Corrosion-Inhibiting protection. This is the second album in the three volume series for Modern Commemorative Dollars. See also Dansco Album 7065 Vol 1: Modern Commemorative Dollars, 1983-1994 and Dansco Album 7065 Vol 3: Modern Commemorative Dollars, 2002-Date. Purchase Dansco Extra Page "Modern Commemorative Dollars" to expand your album as your collection grows.
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