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Journal of Numismatic Research -- Issue 3 -- Summer 2013 (World War II Gold and Silver)

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The Summer 2013 JNR is 62 pages devoted to valiant attempts by Filipino and American military and civilian personnel to prevent gold and silver from falling into the hands of the invading Japanese Army at the onset of World War II. This edition of the JNR includes the following three articles, all authored by Roger W. Burdette: Saving Philippine Gold at the Beginning of World War II: January to March 1942 Following the surprise attack on Manila on December 8, 1942, banks and individuals sought to get their valuables, including gold bullion from local mines, to safety. One American submarine was able to help by using the gold and silver as ballast. The successful voyage of the "golden ship" USS Trout from Corregidor Island to Honolulu with its ballast crammed with gold, received considerable publicity on the American Homefront. Several popular articles appeared during and after the war that outlined the general events but omitted, or altered many details for war-time consumption. The article in this JNR presents the best modern research on the background, execution and conclusion of this amazing event. Copes of declassified relevant War Patrol Reports are included. Silver Divers of Corregidor World War II: May to November 1942 After all the gold and some of the Philippine silver was smuggled out on the Trout a large quantity of silver coins remained. Just before the Philippine island of Corregidor fell to the Japanese, these silver coins were dumped in Manila Bay. It was hoped that the coins could thus be hidden from the invaders. The Japanese soon learned the location and conscripted American Navy divers to bring the money to the surface. This fascinating story of bravery and determination was unknown during the war and received little public attention afterward. It was not until one of the divers, Robert C. Sheats, published his private memento of captivity, One Man's War: Diving as a Guest of the Emperor, that the story gained much-deserved attention. U.S.Mint & Nazi Gold, Merkers Kaiseroda Salt Mine Treasure World War II: June to August 1945 This brief bonus feature reveals the U.S. Mint's role in recovering Nazi looted treasure following VE Day. Under orders from Nazi leadership, primarily Herman Goering and Heinrich Himmler, conquered people and nations were systematically stripped of art, gold and other valuables. Recovery of the treasure after the end of the European war had an unexpected connection to the U.S. Mint.
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