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Lighthouse Grande Encap 38/39mm Capsule Pages (for Lighthouse 38-39mm Capsules or Air-Tite H Capsules) -- pack of 2

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Lighthouse brand ENCAP pages are convenient, secure, affordable and a snap to use. Simply open the page, insert the coin capsules, and close the page using the easy snap closure points. Once the page is placed inside a binder (such as Lighthouse Grande Giant Binder) the coins can be securely displayed because the pages cannot be opened once the binder rings are closed. These lightweight yet durable pages allow viewing the coins from both sides and make archiving and browsing easy. Lighthouse ENCAP pages are made from crystal clear PET and are 100% PVC free. Lighthouse ENCAP pages for coin capsules come in 10 sizes. Be sure to select the right size for your capsules. Capsules that fit: Lighthouse 38mm or 39mm capsules; Air-Tite H size capsules; Guardhouse H size capsules Maximum Outside Capsule Diameter: 45mm Ports Per Page: 20


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