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Lighthouse Ultra Intercept Capsules -- 31mm

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Ultra Intercept - Premium capsules with Intercept rings for active protection against tarnishingUltra Intercept are the world's only round coin capsule offering the added benefit of active tarnish protection. The patented Intercept Technology material is applied to a chemically inert EVA foam ring and combined with an ultra-clear rimless capsule. Regular capsules limit a coin's exposure to ambient air and moisture. The highly porous, copper-based Intercept Technology material does even more: it locks in corrosive gases and provides active protection from tarnishing for up to 15 years, significantly longer in favorable storage conditions, such as cool and dry areas without extreme changes in temperature and humidity.Premium clarity, scratch resistant, rimless capsule Secure locking, yet easy to open due to thumb cut Chemically inert EVA foam insert treated with Intercept Technology Non-toxic, free of PVC, acids, and chemical softeners Compatible with many storage solutionsInside Diameter: 31mm (for US Half Dollar 1836-Date (Reeded Edge, Seated Liberty, Barber (Liberty Head), Walking Liberty, Franklin, Kennedy and Classic and Modern US Commemorative Half Dollars), 30 Drachmas Silver) Outside Diameter: 36mm


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