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Lighthouse Vario 1C Pages -- 1 Pocket -- Professional Pack of 25 -- Clear

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Lighthouse Vario sheets are the most versatile system available with 18 different variations of pages. They fit a wide variety of collectibles including paper money/banknotes from any country, stamps, souvenir sheets, booklets, coil stamps, first day covers, postcards, phone cards, hotel room key cards, casino slot cards and many more similar collectibles. Clear Vario pages are made of archival polyester and are 100% acid-free and chemical softener-free. Originally developed for stamp collections, they have been chosen by experienced collectors all over the world time and again. Lighthouse Vario pages are made to fit Lighthouse Vario Binders and work best when used with Lighthouse Vario Binders. However, Lighthouse Vario pages will also fit these other binders sold by Wizard:Lighthouse Grande Binders Lighthouse Grande Giant Binders Lighthouse Grande F Binders Supersafe Deluxe Archival 3-Ring Binders Supersafe Standard Binders Supersafe King Size 3-Ring BindersHigher volume users for Vario pages can save money with these Professional Packs of 25 pages. Also available in Black and in a smaller pack of 5 (Vario 1C). Use Lighthouse Vario Black Interweaves as page separators, if desired.Page Size: 8.5 x 11 inches (216 x 280 mm) Pocket Size: 7.625 x 10.25 inches (195 x 263 mm)


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