Pete Rose Silver Coin

Honoring A Baseball Legend
In celebration of the lasting legacy of Pete Rose, GMRgold, in partnership with the Hit King Academy, has released this exclusive commemorative silver coin. Kept in its signed jacket, this coin will delight baseball fans young and old. It has a smooth edge and is 39mm in diameter. The coin will not only be a hit with coin collectors, but will cross over into the baseball memorabilia market as well.
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Partnership with the Hit King Academy
Rose earned the name "Hit King" when he surpassed the previous record for number of hits during a Major League career. By the time he left baseball, he had made 4,256 hits, a record that still stands in Major League play. This .999 Fine Silver coin honors Rose and helps his organization Hit King Academy provide baseball education and training to some of the top young athletes in the nation. Check it out here.

Coinage is more than a collectible. It’s a form of art that preserves a moment in history and tells a story to future generations. We wanted to be a part of presenting something lasting and of heirloom quality that is symbolic of Rose's story, something that can be treasured and passed down from grandparents to grandkids, for generations to come.
Charles Stevens, GMRgold COO
To commemorate Pete Rose's career, GMRgold is offering this exclusive, limited offer. Only 500 Pete Rose Coins will be struck, adding to their collectability and long-term value. This .999 fine silver collectible should not be missed.
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