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Precious Metal

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Gold and silver have skyrocketed in value in recent months. Everyone is talking about buying, selling, investing in, and collecting these precious metals—as well as platinum and palladium, two relative newcomers to the bullion field. Precious Metal teaches you how to make smart decisions when buying these commodities; how to sell without getting ripped off; the best formats of precious metal to invest in; traps and pitfalls to avoid; and much more.Contents include: A foreword by award-winning researcher Q. David Bowers What Is Gold, And Why Is It Valuable? Silver: Gold’s Little Sister, Valuable In Its Own Right Platinum and Other Precious Metals The Recent Precious Metals Boom Selling Your Precious Metals Buying Precious Metals Deal With the Experts Avoiding Counterfeit and Altered Coins More ResourcesBinding: Paperback Edition: 1st Publication Date: May 2011 Size: 6x9 Pages: 144


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