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South Carolina Tokens

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South Carolina has had a long and varied history, much of which is reflected in the various tokens that have been issued within the state. Although a small state and thereby not having a great many tokens, much can be learned about South Carolina by studying those pieces cataloged in this work. Prior to the civil war, the majority of South Carolina tokens were issued by merchants in the Charleston area and they functioned primarily as a means of advertising. The issuance of these storecard tokens by Charleston area merchants indicates the commercial prominence South Carolina's premier port city enjoyed prior to the Civil War. Few tokens were issued in South Carolina during the Civil War and for a couple of decades thereafter as the state was recovering economically from the havoc wreaked on the state during the Civil War and its aftermath. By the early 1900s, prosperity had begun to return to the state. Two of the industries that were largely responsible for this commercial recovery were the textile industry and the lumber industry. The importance of both of these industries is indicated by the number of trade tokens issued by the various lumber companies and cotton mills. In fact, these two industries account for about half of the trade tokens ever issued in the state. In addition to lumber companies and cotton mills, South Carolina Tokens catalogs other early twentieth century tokens from seafood packing companies, vegetable canneries, drug stores, dairies, general stores, military bases, banks, bakeries, school cafeterias, furniture companies, prisons, show shops, fraternal organizations, billiard parlors, finance companies, and bottling companies. Grocers, contractors, fruit dealers, confectioners, and jewelers are also represented. Just about all topical interests are can be found in this work. This standard catalog includes exact descriptions, many historical notations, and over 1300 photographs. Binding: Hardcover Edition: 1st Publication Date: 1991 Size: 8.5x11 Pages: 262
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