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Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue: New Zealand

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The Stanley Gibbons 2016 New Zealand Catalogue 6th Edition is a detailed and highly informative catalogue, ideal for any collector who specialises in the stamps of this area. This catalogue provides a comprehensive priced listing of all New Zealand stamps from the early colonial stamps of 1855 to July 2016. It includes Antarctic Expeditions, Tokelau and Ross as well as other islands and dependencies. As well as New Zealand itself, the catalogue lists the stamps of the Antarctic Expeditions, Ross Dependency, the Tokelau Islands and the pre-independence issues of Cook Islands (to 1965), Aitutaki (to 1927), Niue (to 1974) and Western Samoa (to 1958). Prices for this widely collected area have been carefully revised and updated in line with the current market. Valuations for classic New Zealand and errors and varieties, including inverted watermarks, having been marked up significantly in many cases. Watermark varieties, shades, plate flaws, major errors, booklets, express delivery stamps, postage dues, Life Insurance Department stamps and postal fiscals are all included; there is a helpful guide to prices of stamps on cover up to 1945 and the Crowned Circle 'Paid At' handstamps, in use a offices before the arrival of the first stamps are listed and priced. A fully priced listing is provided for New Zealand stamps used on Pitcairn Island prior to the issue of its own stamps in 1940 and there is a list of the stamps used at the New Zealand postal agencies on Fanning and Washington Islands. Details of issues up to 1970 have been extracted from Stanley Gibbons 2017 Commonwealth and British Empire Catalogue. Later issues have been revised and updated especially for this catalogue. A comprehensive index of commemorative and pictorial stamps since 1946 allows individual stamps to be easily identified. New issues have been updated for all countries. Illustrated in colour. New for this Edition: A number of varieties have been added, including three new constant flaws on the 1d. 'Dominion,' which, alone, provide 23 new listings. Others include missing colours, inverted watermarks and perforation varieties on earlier issues. The overprints on the Antarctic Expeditions stamps are all now illustrated and the German colonial issues of Samoa are listed for the first time in this catalogue. New notes have been added throughout -- from the 'General Introduction and Guidelines' onwards -- including one on identifying the chalk-surfaced paper varieties on the 1969 Life Insurance Department stamps and another on the multiple 'Kiwi' printings. The listing of the 2009 'Kiwistamps' has been revised to show the sheet, coil and booklet stamps separately and there is an extended note on the Customised Advertising Labels (CALS). New issue listings have been updated as follows: New Zealand (to October 2016), Ross Dependency (to November 2015) and Tokelau Islands (to October 2016). Binding: Paperback Edition: 6th Publication Date: November 30, 2016 Size: 6.7x9.5 Pages: 176
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