Honoring the Lasting Legacy of a National Hero
In celebration of the lasting legacy of Chris Kyle, GMRgold, in partnership with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, has released an exclusive series of commemorative silver and copper collectible coins. Proceeds will go to the foundation and help Veterans and First Responders reconnect with their families through enriching experiences.
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The Commemorative Collection

The Chris Kyle collection includes two versions of a 1 ounce silver coin, two versions of a copper round, and a silver bar. The full collection can be viewed here.
  • Silver & Copper Options
  • Commemorative Set Includes Card Casing
  • Coins Available Individually and As Sets
  • Heirloom Quality
Coinage is more than a collectible. It’s a form of art that preserves a moment in history and tells a story to future generations. We wanted to be a part of presenting something lasting and of heirloom quality that is symbolic of Kyle’s story, something that can be treasured and passed down from grandparents to grandkids, for generations to come.
- Charles Stevens, GMRgold President
A portion of the proceeds from these commemorative coins will directly benefit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation in its mission to serve military and first responders through a variety of programs, including Revitalization Retreats. Revitalization Retreats represent a unique opportunity for military and first responder families to downshift from the intensity of mission-focused life of service and reconnect. All Foundation activities aim to enrich Veteran and First Responders family relationships, ensuring that Chris and Taya’s vision, desire, and legacy carry on now and into the future.
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