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The CAC Rare Coin Market Review -- Single Issue

World Gold Council Accredited Concentrating our focus and attention on specific "small supply - high demand" areas of the Coin Market, our clients enjoy the peace of mind that they have been guided in the proper directions.
Purest Quality Our buying team is nationally reknown and respected in the precious metals industry. Ensuring the best quality products, at the best possible price.
Hard to Source The relationships with the Major Coin and Precious Metals Associations not only benefits the management team with their purchasing decisions but inturn trickles down to the client in many ways.
Hand-Picked by Bullion Experts We proudly partner with the largest IRA/401K Adminstrator in the United States. Our Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff will assist you from the application to the placement of the Metal in your account.
The 64-page CAC Rare Coin Market Review is one of several pricing resources available from CDN Publishing, which has been the leader in wholesale pricing published for coin dealers. The CAC Rare Coin Market Review provides coin collectors and dealers with the latest retail market values for NGC and PCGS certified coins that meet the CAC standard of approval. The listed values are an approximate amount that a dealer will request when selling to others. However, dealers and auction records will vary (sometimes widely) based on numerous factors including eye appeal, demand, and specific rarity. Information in the CAC Rare Coin Market Review is frequently updated and based on pricing data received from a variety of reliable resources. The data in the CAC Rare Coin Market Review is more accurate and reflective of the current marketplace than the other price guides around — which, in many cases, may be updated on only yearly intervals or even less frequently. Additionally, CAC Rare Coin Market Review delivers exclusive features and commentary on a wide variety of numismatic topics, with a focus on stories related to CAC. The values reflected in the CAC Rare Coin Market Review are for coins that are accurately graded and in original, problem-free condition and meet the rigorous CAC standards as defined on their website. Pieces that are cleaned, damaged, or otherwise subpar for their grade will generally trade for prices lower than those published in the AC Rare Coin Market Review. Naturally, pieces that are exceptional for their grade — perhaps those with desirable toning or exhibiting sharper-than-average strike — are bound to trade for higher prices than listed in the guide. The CAC Rare Coin Market Review covers the range of U.S. coins from early copper to gold issues that are highly collected by CAC buyers. For users looking for one-time current retail market pricing for CAC-approved Coins, we offer this single issue. For those interested in regular updated, pricing we also offer the CAC Rare Coin Market Review as an annual subscription of four quarterly issues.
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