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What To Do With Granddaddy's Coins

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Numismatic expert Jeff Ambio introduces the general public to the coin collecting market in this simple and entertaining guide on how to sort through old family coins. By the end of What to Do With Granddaddy's Coins, readers will be equipped with the knowledge (and a self-made list of coin values!) to confidently approach the cutthroat coin market.All the basics of handling granddaddy's coins are covered. Included are chapters on supply lists, how to care for coins, what makes a coin valuable on today's market, and the benefits and drawbacks of contacting dealers. Step-by-step directions will prepare readers to identify and approximately value their coins. Reading this guide will equip the non-coin collector with the knowledge to discuss their coins with familiarity and understanding in the numismatic market.An indispensable tool for anyone who came into a coin collection, this book will prepare readers to approach other experts and make wise choices when handling various coins. Learn how to successfully sell granddaddy's coins without squandering any valuable treasures! Binding: Paperback Edition: 1st Publication Date: February 19, 2010 Size: 8.5x5.5 Pages: 160


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