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World War II Finance: Canada and Newfoundland

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World War II finance and the various issues available for collectors are a little-known, but growing, area of interest for collectors. For Canada and Newfoundland a new book helps collectors with what the authors rightly call a very complex group of issues.Canada issued war savings certificates (in many varieties), war bonds, and victory loan bonds. Furthermore, nine separate loan drives were held. Each drive had a unique issue of Victory Loan Bonds and these bonds could be bearer or registered instruments!The Canadian War Savings Certificates are equally complex. They had two major conditions of issue, two different printers, three major design types and many varieties and sub-varieties. The certificates were supplemented with the sale of war savings stamps.Newfoundland War Savings Certificates were issued in $3, $6, $12, $30 and $60 denominations. While these denominations sound strange, they allowed for more convenient purchase prices ($2.50, $5, $10, $25, and $50)! These certificates are replete with two signature varieties and several paper varieties.Newfoundland issued war bonds. This had not previously been reported in any numismatic source. A bond prospectus illustrated in the book proves that they were issued, but no bonds have been reported in collection according to the authors. Many of the Canadian War and Victory Bonds listed are also not reported in any collection leaving many research opportunities for collectors.The book is full color throughout with more than 220 images in forty-eight pages of the many interesting numismatic emissions and related items. The book is by Dick Dunn (Ontario), Dan Freeland (Michigan), and Harold Kroll (Alabama). All three are serious collectors of this material. Binding: Paperback Edition: 1st Publication Date: 2010 Size: 8.5x11 Pages: 49


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