How to Sell your Coins

GMRgold is one of the nation's largest and most trusted precious metal dealers. As a long standing veteran in the industry, our expert knowledge of bullion, as well as gold and silver coins, is backed by years of experience. GMRgold continues to rank as one of the top precious metals dealers in the country in customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service through our seven core values: Service, Selection, Price, Expertise, Transparency, Convenience and Reputation. GMRgold believes that customers should always be confident in their decision to sell.

We receive calls and e-mails all the time asking if we buy coins. The answer is simple - of course we do.

Selling your coins to GMRgold is quick and easy. More important, it just makes good sense.

Have you purchased products such as silver and gold commemoratives, proof silver eagles, gold eagles, or platinum eagles, etc. over the years? Do you find that you are ready to sell your collection due to lost interest, kids in college, the family isnʼt interested in your collection, or for any other good reason? For whatever reason, it will benefit you to consider selling your portfolio to us. We can assist you in making one easy transaction at a very fair current market price. GMRgold is looking for quantities of excellent condition, properly stored "one owner" products and is willing to pay a good price for your collection!

Why should you choose GMRgold when selling?

  • We are one of largest wholesalers and fastest growing retailers of coins in the country, and are well respected for our reputation and honest dealings.
  • Sell where the dealers sell. A large percentage of our purchases are from other dealers. Many dealers buy the coins they sell us from people just like you.
  • Benefit from GMRgold’s combined 30 years of numismatic experience.
  • With substantial financial resources and industry clout, GMRgold is an active and major buyer of coins. Our extensive contacts throughout the dealer, collector, and investor community combined with our uncommon level of expertise enable us to pay prices that few, including the largest companies in the business, can compete with.
  • And perhaps most important, GMRgold offers absolutely no hype and no games; just send us your list of coins for a timely legitimate offer and quick funding. We offer free, no obligation, appraisals on coins and carry out transactions quickly and smoothly.


Contact us now for an absolutely free, no obligation, coin appraisal. Our team of expert coin appraisers are standing by to assist you with the valuation of your precious metals. There is no risk - if you donʼt like the price we give you then you are free to shop your metals to other dealers - we will keep your appraisal on file for 24 hours just in case you decide to come back.