Ordering Policies

We want to make sure you fully understand the ordering process and what happens both on your end and on our end. Please review the ordering policies below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Policies at a Glance

  • We Accept all major forms of payment.
  • Orders will be invoiced, but each order is reviewed and sometimes verified before capturing payment.
  • We do not automatically charge customers for each order.
  • Once the order is verified the payment is locked in.
  • Orders may take up to 10 days to ship once the order price is locked in.
  • Any special terms will be described on the respective product page.
  • Any special terms will be described on the respective product page.
  • Gift cards are only valid on orders $75 and above.

The Specifics

  • Price Confirmation

    Once you have placed an order to buy or sell with GMRgold you have entered into a binding and enforceable agreement.

    When you buy online the price at the time of your order is the locked in price. You will receive a confirmation number in a return email. You must have payment dated within 24 hours of your purchase. Failure to make payment within the allotted times may result in the cancelation of your order.

    We reserve the right to refuse any order due to incorrect pricing, computer related issues, pricing errors, incorrect item descriptions, or movement within the precious metal market. We also reserve the right to refuse any order that comes to be understood as questionable, suspicious, or potentially damaging to our business regardless of payment method or price confirmation.

    If you are selling precious metals to GMRgold the price is locked in once we have issued a confirmation number, and the transaction may not be canceled. It may be offset by our current buy price. Any deficit between the price at which we bought from you and the offsetting purchase price is your responsibility. If we do not receive your items, you will still be charged that amount; we may also issue a cancelation fee at our discretion. Any market gains on cancellations will remain the property of GMRgold.

  • Shipment

    GMRgold ships using USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Everything we ship is fully insured and may require a signature upon delivery. You will be issued a tracking number of the date of shipment; shipment can take anywhere from 1-10 business days.

  • Returns

    We want to make sure you are happy with all of your interactions with GMRgold. We may provide customers with a refund, return, and/or exchange. These actions must be initiated within three days of the customer receiving their purchase. These policies only apply to those who contact GMRgold by phone within three days and keep the item in its original packaging. If you call us we will provide instructions on how to return the items.

    You are responsible for the costs associated with returning an item, including packaging, shipping, and insurance. We reserve the right to reject any return that does not comply with these standards. Returned items may incur a $20 restocking fee. The customer may be required to pay for any market loss on the items they are returning. Any market gain remains property of GMRgold.

  • Pricing and Typographical Errors

    We do our very best to make sure all of our information is up to date and accurate. However sometimes errors may occur. In the event of a pricing or typographical error we reserve the right to refuse or cancel an order. Should such an event occur we will contact you and let you know about the situation. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

  • Investment Risks

    There is no such thing as a risk-free investment. This applies to precious metal investments as well. The value of a precious metal product can be affected by many different factors. As a result investing may not be suitable for everyone. Make sure you seek the advice of a qualified investment professional before making any investment decisions.